Mountain honey

We’ll welcome you at our cottage with a little something. Sometimes honey made by our cousin Nathalie Ripert.     Yesterday she gave us a spicy cake up-hill flowers flavoured! Would you manage to cook one if we give you the “refuge du Goûter”‘s cook recipe?     Nathalie’s bees Read more…


Sky on fire

Sky on fire tonight at the Ecombelles! Summer is still there. No black current this year, but lots of plums. Let’s cook some jam. Maybe an Alps pie too. Each year its flavour… You can find some of our recipes here by the way: what are you going to cook?

Cooking art

(While others prepare a spa. What?) …Enjoy the mountain in your plate! In this great program “De l’art et du cochon” on the arte channel, Marc Veyrat gives us an original recipe of pela, the oldest tartiflette, a must with raclette by Toulouse-Lautrec. La pela. Grate an orange zest on Read more…