About us



Hello !


We’re happy to welcome you on our website, and we look forward to welcoming you in our Savoy cottage, an amazing balcony over the Tarentaise, the most famous valley for skiing in France.

Our names are Mireille and Serge, we were born in Chambéry. We’re in love with our native region, so we decided in 1996 to renovate the former farm of our ancestors to make out of it a wonderful cottage. Since then, we still improve the flat in an alps style way, with all modern facilities. Now we can enjoy the sun on the balcony, where our grand parents used to dry wood before winter.

Both teachers in Biology and Geology, we are fond of the evolution of Alps. The cottage is full of resources about the history of these great mountains and the local people (yesterday and today countrymen, wildlife).


We will make your stay at the Ecombelles a magic moment, in winter and summer.