Guests book in january: mountain goats and stoat

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Our guests book begun with the cottage, it could be our facebook page: you let us comments and pieces of advice.

We are so fond of the guests’ little words! Next guests can also find good tips in it.

For instance, if you feel like hiking, our january guests wrote they had a great walk directly from the cottage to the closest summit, at Planpigeux. Once at the Vaz, you’ll climb up the hill to the pastures.

That’s where they saw mountain goats twice and a beautiful stoat!

Please when you stay at our cottage, leave us some of your impressions, discoveries and emotions…

So, what about your “coups de cœur” at les Ecombelles?

Livre d'or - Février 2017 - Des chamois à Plan Pigeux

Livre d’or – Janvier 2017 – Des chamois à Planpigeux

Livre d'or 2 - Février 2017 - Une hermine !

Livre d’or 2 – Février 2017 – Une hermine !

Livre d'or - Mars 2017 - Un séjour reposant

Livre d’or – Mars 2017 – Un séjour reposant

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